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A car’s air conditioner relies on this part to pressurize refrigerant. During cooling, refrigerants are used as gaseous substances.
In addition, the compressor determines the temperature output by sensing temperature changes inside and outside your vehicle.


A condenser reduces the temperature and pressure of hot gases coming from a radiator by receiving air from its compressor.

Receiver or Dryer2022-06-20T04:57:45+00:00

Separating gas from liquid while removing moisture is the function of a receiver or dryer. The A/C is protected from contaminants by filters.

Thermal Expansion Valve2022-06-20T04:56:30+00:00

It is located between your condenser and evaporator. It monitors your system’s pressure and temperature before calculating how much refrigerant evaporator can safely use.


The evaporator cools the air with refrigerant behind the dashboard before it is blown into your vehicle.


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